How you could be of help to someone who is suffering from anxiety disorder

Among all the mental health issues that affect people, anxiety disorders can sometimes be dangerous enough. A sudden anxiety disorder can have a staggeringly bad impact on a person who experiences it. Not only that, it can also have a poor impact on the sufferer’s colleagues and loved ones.

The people who suffer from anxiety disorders can get affected psychologically, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Some others even find their lives impacted dramatically too. Although there can be no such evidence of any illness, anxiety disorders are usually fraught with debilitating and depressing symptoms and sensations. Read on to know what you should do if a loved one suffers from an anxiety disorder.

  • Anxiety disorder doesn’t mean that the person is in any way inferior

Anxiety disorder doesn’t mean that the person has some sort of biological issue in the brain or chemical imbalance or genetic issue. Overly apprehensive behavior causes issues with regards to anxiety and they have to learn the ways in which they can cope with life. Hence, it is wrong to assume that the sufferers of anxiety disorder deliberately show such behavior. Although the path of lasting recovery is not quick and easy but once attained, success lasts for a long time.


  • Assure the person that there’s nothing to worry about

Someone who experiences a panic attack will find it tougher to rationalize the fact there is no such reason to panic but this is a harsh truth. Keep reminding them that they’re totally safe in your company and you will help them recover them through this.


  • Make them understand that it is something that’s temporary and will get cured

Panic attacks don’t last forever and the sufferers need to realize this. In spite of the terrible mental state that the sufferer may be going through, it’s comfortable enough to know that this is going to eliminate soon.


  • Do encourage the person to breathe

Breathing is extremely difficult when someone suffers from a panic attack and a person who experiences it, he could forget to breathe in a proper manner. You have to keep reminding them that about taking a deep breath every 4 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds and then repeat the same thing.


  • Do give them moral support by staying with them

If the person who is suffering wants you to leave the spot and tells you something out of anxiety, don’t listen to it. A panic attack can get worse when you leave the person alone. Hence you should stay by his side.

So, now that you know what you should do if someone suffers from an anxiety disorder, don’t ever hesitate to help that person.