Is Marijuana Substances Containing Anti-Cancer?

The United States government may be starting to recognize there are components beneficial for the treatment of cannabis or marijuana plants. This decision was made based on the results of the research group of US government funded research. The research group is claiming that the plant can kill cancer cells. Until now many health agencies who use marijuana as a treatment media, is Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors.

Research on mice shows that when used with the cannabis extract radiation may increase the effects of radiation to kill the cancer. Reported cannabis as an Medical Marijuana Florida, as shown to have significant benefits for a number of illnesses.

Given these findings, some states allow the use of marijuana as a medicine, and some states allow the use of marijuana outside of it. Use of the appropriate dose is considered effective in the treatment process, the Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida into one of the alternatives if you want to consult the doctor.

NIDA reported a recent study conducted on animals showed that cannabis can kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of the cancer cells. “The evidence in the study conducted on mice showed that extracts of whole cannabis plant can shrink one type of brain tumor that is the most serious,” said one party of the NIDA.