The 5 Best Ways To Beat A Hangover

There are literally thousands of supposed hangover cures on the market, some of which might help, most of which most likely do not. The reality is that science has yet to discover exactly what causes a hangover, much less a singular cure for all hangovers. Hangovers are basically a constellation of symptoms that stem from a wide variety of alcohol consumption related causes. Here are 4 of the best ways science has yet devised to help beat a hangover.

1. Replenish your fluids

Whether it’s before you drink, after you drink or when you are fighting a hangover, water is your #1 best friend and best weapon. In many cases, what we call a “hangover” is really just severe dehydration. Our body needs mass quantities of water to process the alcohol, and the water in your drink is not nearly enough. One of the very best ways to beat a hangover is to drink one large glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume.

2. Sweat it out

The chemical name for alcohol, is ethanol, which is present in all alcoholic beverages. Ethanol is a toxin in and of itself, but when alcohol is broken down in the liver, it creates an even more toxic chemical called acetaldehyde. Our body processes and releases most toxins in one of two ways: sweat and urine. Sitting in a sauna or steam room can help you sweat out the toxins left behind by a hard night of partying. Be very careful, however, since heat can cause you to become even more dehydrated than you already are. If you aren’t able to keep liquids down, then definitely do not attempt to try and sweat it out.

3. Steer clear of caffeine

While the caffeine in coffee can help you sober up, it’s one of the worst things you can drink for a hangover. Just like alcohol, your kidneys need large quantities of water to process caffeine. If you are already dehydrated, one of the worst things you can do is drink something that requires even more water for your body to process.

4. Get an IV

After a really heavy night of partying, you probably can’t replace lost fluids or sweat it out because you’re so sick you can’t even keep liquids down. In that case, you probably need to call in the big guns and get IV hangover relief in Key West. IV delivery for hangover relief is a growing business, with companies generally offer some proprietary formula that addresses a wide variety of drinking-related issues. The best part is, since it’s delivered right straight into your system, it bypasses your stomach so you don’t have to worry about keeping anything down.

While pretty much every person will have their own “tried and true” method of dealing with a hangover, the reality is there is no one singular cure that works every time – or any cure at all. Intoxication is literally the ingestion of toxic substances, and while there are certainly a number of ways to help the process along, eventually, the only real “cure” is to wait for your body to deal with the toxins you ingested.

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