10 Ways to Overcome Bloated Stomach,

For some people, a distended stomach is considered a big problem. Besides being prone to disease, people who have a distended stomach also have difficulty mixing and matching clothes. These reasons keep the person who has this problem not standing still. They are competing to find a solution to this problem.

1. Sit Up

Sit ups are one of the effective ways to shrink the stomach. For beginners, you can do 10 sit ups and you can continue with 10 push ups. Increase the intensity of exercise every day to get maximum results. Regularly doing this exercise, besides being useful for eliminating belly fat, it is also useful for controlling appetite because it makes the stomach full easily.

2. Jogging

Jogging is a useful sport to shrink the stomach. Do this exercise for at least 30 minutes so that more calories are burned in the body. Although done casually, jogging also has almost the same benefits as running.

3. Diet

Diet is not only useful to reduce a distended stomach but also to boost health. Currently there are many types of diets. A person must be smart in choosing the type of diet because if you choose the wrong one, it can have a negative impact on your health.

4. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruit

Vegetables and fruits are low-fat foods with few calories and high fiber. These conditions help smooth digestion. Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower are foods that can eradicate belly fat.

5. Swimming

Swimming is one cardio exercise that is effective in reducing a distended stomach. Sports that involve all members of the body can burn fat in the body. By doing this exercise regularly, not only does the stomach become flat, but muscle mass in certain body parts such as arms, legs, and stomach is also reduced.

6. Gymnastics

Aerobic exercise is one of the most recommended types of exercise because it can burn calories gradually and consistently. Aerobic exercise maintains the essential elements of good physical activity, is sustainable, and has a regular rhythm. Regular movements such as aerobics prevent the use of oxygen from running out quickly and can burn calories effectively.

7. Adjust the diet

Diet has a big contribution to the health of the body. Eating irregularly can cause the stomach to become distended. That’s why it’s important to adjust your diet from waking up to going to sleep again. To avoid a bloated stomach, dinner after 7 pm is also not recommended.

8. Take stomach shrinkage

Maximum efforts that are not accompanied by maximum results in the end make many people choose a shortcut, namely by taking stomach shrinkage medication. Sometimes the consumption they do is not based on doctor’s instructions so that many of them are fatal.

9. Bicycles

Cycling can also burn calories gradually. In other words, cycling regularly can reduce a distended stomach effectively. Do this exercise for 30 minutes every day either in the morning or in the afternoon. Apart from being able to shrink a distended stomach, cycling also trains the thigh and leg muscles to be stronger.

10. Fitness

Fitness is a powerful exercise to burn fat because the energy that is spent doing this exercise is quite large even though the movements are static. Some movements that can be done to help reduce a distended stomach include the elliptical trainer, vertical leg and fitness crunch.