The Most Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

The Ministry of Health calls breast cancer the most cancer in the World. The mortality rate in women due to breast cancer is also high, with an average of 17 deaths per 100,000 population. That is why the government places so much emphasis on early detection efforts to prevent increasingly widespread cases of breast cancer inthe World. Let’s find out how to prevent breast cancer! read too : breast cancer survivor gifts

How to prevent breast cancer

Preventing breast cancer can not be instant in only one way. There are various efforts that you need to live to avoid this deadly disease, namely:

1. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and grains

A healthy diet is one of the important keys to prevent breast cancer. Many health experts believe certain foods can increase the risk of breast cancer.

To reduce or counteract the risks, multiply to eat fresh vegetables and fruits and seeds. This type of healthy food contains nutrients that are good for the body. Fruits and vegetables, for example, are rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals that cause breast cancer. So, what’s the best?

Strawberry is one of them. Berries like strawberries contain high polyphenols which are … Read More

Causes of Some People Addicted to Drugs

 Psychological conditions, genes, social trauma, and mental disorders.

 Some several reasons and factors can make people addicted to drugs. Of the many things, three things can make people become drug addicts.

 Medication is the most common type of addiction compared to alcohol and cannabis, although there are other addictions such as heroin and cocaine.

 This type of drug contains chemicals that can affect brain function.

 Those who are addicted to drugs feel mostly as if they have been caught in a trap making it difficult to escape.

¬†And keep in mind, that there are factors that can contribute to making people addicted to escape, pressure from relationships, genetic factors, stress, environmental influences, and students’ educational patterns. for rehabilitation problems visit drug rehab phoenix az

 But of all the reasons, there are three important factors that most influence people becoming addicted to drugs. Anything? The following explanation:

 Psychological Reasons

 Most people who use drugs (drugs) initially for trial and error or just looking for fun. Some people can control so they are not addicted. But for people who use it compulsively and have psychological vulnerabilities, it is very easy for them to become addicted.

 People who are addicted to drugs often … Read More

Maintaining Body Health in a Simple Way

Along with the development of more advanced times, the people around us are increasingly busy with their respective activities. Because their activities are very dense, sometimes resulting in neglect of attention about health, while maintaining a healthy body is very important to avoid various diseases. There are several ways you can do to keep your body in shape. Among them are exercise, eating and sleeping arrangements.


Exercise is an activity where someone trains their body to keep moving. This activity is divided into two types, namely traditional and modern sports. Exercise is good for the body because it can help burn fat in the body, maintain the health of internal organs such as the heart and maintain the strength of muscles, joints and bones. Maintaining a healthy body by exercising is not difficult. Sometimes people leave sports because it’s expensive, that’s because the paradigm of some of them is exercising in the gym. In fact, there is a sport that is very easy and simple so that it can be done by anyone. One of them is walking. Regular walking exercise can burn body fat gradually so it can lose weight. By exercising regularly your body will stay in
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