Causes of Some People Addicted to Drugs

 Psychological conditions, genes, social trauma, and mental disorders.

 Some several reasons and factors can make people addicted to drugs. Of the many things, three things can make people become drug addicts.

 Medication is the most common type of addiction compared to alcohol and cannabis, although there are other addictions such as heroin and cocaine.

 This type of drug contains chemicals that can affect brain function.

 Those who are addicted to drugs feel mostly as if they have been caught in a trap making it difficult to escape.

 And keep in mind, that there are factors that can contribute to making people addicted to escape, pressure from relationships, genetic factors, stress, environmental influences, and students’ educational patterns. for rehabilitation problems visit drug rehab phoenix az

 But of all the reasons, there are three important factors that most influence people becoming addicted to drugs. Anything? The following explanation:

 Psychological Reasons

 Most people who use drugs (drugs) initially for trial and error or just looking for fun. Some people can control so they are not addicted. But for people who use it compulsively and have psychological vulnerabilities, it is very easy for them to become addicted.

 People who are addicted to drugs often struggle with strong emotional experiences and find it difficult to handle. The most common emotional experiences are anger, guilt, sadness, feeling empty and lonely.

 Those who become addicted use drugs to turn off emotions, escape pain and ways to increase self-esteem.

 Social Trauma

 This is related to social trauma and is an important cause of drug use or compulsive addiction. Social trauma can involve oneself, culture in the family or socially.

 But generally, it is caused by sexual deviant behavior, neglect of emotions, disturbed family environment, physical violence, terrorist violence, and alienation.

 The Role of Gene and Mental Illness

 Research has found a correlation between the biochemical genetics of drugs, and certain mental illnesses also trigger a person to more easily fall into drug addiction. For this reason, psychotherapy and increased motivation can make a difference in the addicts themselves.

 Previously also mentioned, that people can recover from drug addiction with love (the hormone oxytocin). But there are also vaccines to prevent heroin addiction.

 Recognize Deadly Alcohol Overdose Symptoms

 The habit of consuming alcohol was bad. Because, if the amount of alcohol that enters the body’s system is high enough, it can endanger various life support organs. As breathing slows and disorders of the heart.

 Excessive drinking of alcohol or often called binge drinking at binge drinking can cause an alcohol overdose. Binge drinking can be fatal and can even cause death.

 if the amount of alcohol that enters the body’s system is high enough it can endanger various life support organs. As breathing slows and disorders of the heart. advanced care visit treatment centers in arizona

 Drinking water or sleeping cannot accelerate the expenditure of alcohol from the body. Drinking coffee or bathing also does not make you recover faster from alcohol poisoning. Although it can increase alertness, coffee or bathing does not eliminate blood alcohol. As long as the level of alcohol consumption is lower than the liver’s ability to break down alcohol, the BAC value will continue to increase.

 Symptoms of alcohol overdose include:

 Deep mental confusion.


 Lost consciousness

 Throw up

 Moist skin

 Pale or bluish skin color

 Low body temperature

 Slow heartbeat

 Slow or irregular breathing

 The risk of an overdose of consuming 4 drinks in 2 hours for women or 5 drinks in 2 hours for men.

 At extreme booze, alcohol that enters the body in a short time can exceed the liver’s ability to cleanse alcohol. As a result, levels of alcohol poisoning increase very quickly.

 The risk of overdose is greater if mixing alcohol with opioid drugs or hypnotic sedatives, such as painkillers, sleeping pills, or anti-anxiety medications.

 These drugs suppress breathing and when combined with alcohol increase the effects of the drug and can cause an overdose. Even if you consume moderate alcohol.

 Risk of alcohol abuse

 According to the US Drug and Health Survey, around 14.5 million people aged 12 or over had alcohol use disorders in the US in 2017 or around 5, 3 percent of that age group.

 Death from alcohol is the third leading cause of preventable death. About 88 thousand people die every year from liver failure, overdose, drunk driving, and other accidents.