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More virtually, for unit planners, the location of the H2F staff presence is crucial. During preliminary entry operations, holding H2F personnel at Brigade is probably the most possible plan of action. This is often at the BDE surgeon cell or BDE Support Medical Company . METT-TC issues and operational tempo will assist BDE medical planners determine when ]to embed H2F personnel at lower echelons. With a large focus of H2F being on prevention, medical planners should constantly evaluate which echelon to make use of H2F personnel . Employment of H2F personnel is prone to be a push-and-pull method as OPTEMPO modifications.

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Due to the success of the pilot, the Army launched the SRT and Training Program . The SRT2P began within the fall of 2018 with increased funding, gear orders, and personnel embedded for two years. It rapidly rebranded to the H2F-lite pilot, and continues to solidify into the current and growing model of H2F. From right here forward, I will use H2F to check with any and all levels of this program’s evolution.

The preliminary six-month pilot, performed in 2017, was titled the Soldier Readiness Test . It temporarily embedded a power and conditioning coach , a physical therapist , a registered dietician , and an occupational therapist into selected BNs.