How To Keep Your Commitment To Being Healthy

At some point in time, many people will decide that they need to get healthy. The next course of action is oftentimes the implementation of health strategies that are designed to promote optimal energy levels, boosted immunity, mood stability, and more. Yet in many cases, these individuals abandon their commitment to getting well and return to their formal world of unhealthy living. If this is one of your current dilemmas, now is the time to start devising solutions. Below you’ll find three strategies that can help you keep your commitment to getting healthy:

1. Become Accountable.

One of the best ways to remain on the path to health is by becoming accountable to someone. Research indicates that individuals who are accountable to another individual for the completion of a goal are much more likely to realize the objective. This is so for several reasons, one of which is that people are much more likely to keep a commitment when they know that someone else is holding them accountable for doing so. Make sure that you choose your accountability partner with prudence. For example, you might feel inclined to choose someone you know and trust because sharing your health goals makes you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. However, sometimes choosing friends and family members will backfire because these individuals are aware of your longstanding behavioral patterns and don’t really believe you possess the discipline and knowledge necessary to experience long-term change. In many cases, these individuals will intentionally or unwittingly say and do things that demotivate you.

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2. Develop SMART Goals.

In addition to being accountable to someone for the completion of your health objectives, make sure that you begin developing SMART goals. These goals will enable you to attain a clear understanding of what health goals you’re trying to realize and what steps you should take to make the positive change happen. Note that a goal is SMART when it is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-specific. A sample goal would be “I will lift weights for 30 minutes 3 times a week to lose 5 pounds per month.”

3. Implement A Rewards System.

Your final step to cultivating a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your commitment to putting wellness first is implementing a rewards system. This system will keep you motivated during periods of time in which you really don’t feel like working out, eating salad, or engaging in any other behaviors that are a part of your new lifestyle. Knowing that an exciting or life-enhancing reward is right around the corner will increase your will to persevere and stay on track.


Choose health and life now by implementing the strategies discussed above. Doing so will help you operate in a much more productive, positive manner throughout the course of your day!