Implementation of Information Systems in the Health Sector

Attendance and advances in computer technology and information technology has brought tremendous benefits in delivering information and providing a means of communication that is effective and efficient. the development of e-health is one form of improved health services to the community. In many ways, can improve access to health care and improve the quality and effectiveness of services provided. Applications or solutions include products, systems and services that become much simpler with Internet-based applications. includes applications for professionals and health authorities are better than private health system for the public and patients.

Today the medical record is one of the topics being discussed in the community some time ago. This phenomenon seemed to open the eyes of the public, especially patients that the hospital medical record is a patient’s right to know the health status or disease. Medical record stores a complete history of the health of a patient, accurate diagnosis relies heavily on historical information patient’s medical record. Ideally, everyone has historically longitudinal medical record, which stores medical records from birth. The medical record store health information, whether it had suffered and record health conditions, since the birth of a patient. This medical information will greatly help a doctor determine the status or condition of a patient’s health.

The hospital as a public service institution requiring the existence of an information system that is accurate and reliable, and sufficient to improve services to patients as well as other relevant environment. With the vast scope of services, of course, a lot of complex issues that occur in the process of hospital services.

Data management in hospitals is one important component in realizing an information system in hospitals. Management of the data manually, has many weaknesses, in addition to requiring a long time, accuracy is also less acceptable, because the probability of error is very large. With the advancement of information technology, by using a computer there are no need work with manual data management. Information presentation, analysis and inference of information and delivery of information required for hospital operations.