Moving Was the Only WAy to Better My Life

Living in a small town was not donig me any favors when it came to getting a better job. When you live in a small town, you’re often competing against so many other people that it’s impossible to find better work when you need it quickly. So, I had been saving my money so that I could look for apartments for Orlando and move there permanently. I know the city well and I knew that there would be so many more opportunities there for me when it comes to finding a really good place of employment. I was looking forward to the move and finding some place nice to live.

I had been stuck in my last job for about 5 years. There are no big companies where I lived. There are lots of mom and pop stores, and that is about it. I wanted to become a manager and make a lot more money so that I could support myself better. I was frustrated that I always felt like I couldn’t do more where I was already living. But there are always options, and I knew that moving would make a whole world of things open up to me. And I wanted a chance to live in a nicer place, too. I was always trying to fix up the old place that I lived in previously, but there is only so much you can do when the only place open to rent is about 70 years old.

I loved the places that I was looking at in the new city I was moving to. Most of them were so nice and new and modern. They all had a disposal in the sink, which just tickled me because I did not have that in the place I was living at before.