My Apartment is Shaping Up

Lynchburg, Virginia is a beautiful city. There is a lot of history within its borders, and some pretty famous people have called it home. I had been there to visit friends several times, and there are so many great things to do there too. I literally fell in love with the city. While it has a huge population, it still retains a small town feel when it comes to its people. When an opening came up in the school, I applied immediately and started looking at apartments in Lynchburg just in case I was lucky enough to get the position.

My friends were very supportive and offered me their home for as long as I needed it, but I wanted to get established as soon as possible when I was told the job was mine if I wanted it. I am really glad that I did look at apartments when I did because there was one vacancy in the complex that I really liked the best. Not only is it close to my friends but it is also close to where I will be teaching. I had a few weeks before I was to start, which gave me plenty of time to get settled into my apartment and get used to the neighborhood.

I am a pretty social person, so I started to meet my neighbors on that first day when the moving company carried in my furniture. I also got used to which restaurants deliver amazing takeout food since there are quite a few in the area. That came in handy while I unpacked boxes! My apartment is shaping up into something really nice, and I am looking forward to seeing how it looks by the time I get my last box unpacked. I am hoping that is before my job starts!